Maryland Portrait Photographers’ Tips for Bridal Portraits

Maryland portrait photographers can take what could be standard and traditional bridal portraits and make them magical. One of the most important things that a professional photographer can do for a bride on her wedding day is to capture emotion. If you imagine a wedding day, from the early morning preparations to the last moments of the reception, you can probably think of a range of emotion that the bride will be going through, such as excitement, nervousness, giddiness, and happiness. Capturing those emotional moments in photo is what is going to make the biggest difference in your memories of the whirlwind day. The good news is that Erin Ellen Photography in Annapolis, Maryland can help you to capture those intimate moments in perfect form.

The right Maryland portrait photographers can truly help you to change the way that you are planning to be photographed on this special day. While those intimate captures of people and emotions are important, sometimes it is all about the setting and the surroundings. Consider these tips to help you to get the best bridal portraits.

• Have a few shots done in black and white. The contrast is amazing. The look can be nothing short of breathtaking. With the right light, this can capture the essence of what is truly magical about your wedding day.

• Getting ready is another one of those must-have shots. When you work with a trusted provider and photographer you can remain confident that you will look amazing in these shots.

• In some situations, it may be best to try some creative lighting, too. Imagine a silhouette of the bride, in front of a large window, seeming to be daydreaming about her big day and her new life.

• How about the location? Thinking outside the box with your location may make the portrait more unique and memorable. Maybe next to a fence, or on a rooftop with a view, sitting in a café, or maybe in the arch of a doorway.

• Natural light is another interesting and simple way to frame a photo. The photographer is able to capture unique features and intricate details with this type of lighting.

• These are just a few examples of what a qualified Maryland portrait photographer can create for you. You can choose a look that is all your own. You can be as creative as you would like, or as formal and traditional as fits your needs. On the other hand, you may just want to hire a professional who can help you to create that magical moment for you. The right creative person can really make all the difference here.

Consider all of the options available to you for your bridal portraits. Realize that the options for bridal portraits really are up to you. Choose the look and feel that works for you, or allow your experienced Maryland portrait photographers handle this special photo session for you. Erin Ellen Photography specializes in creating these beautiful images that capture emotion, in a creative and beautiful way. Make a wise choice for your wedding day.