The Inside Scoop of Maryland Portrait Photography Printing Rights

When it comes to Maryland portrait photography for weddings, one of the most important questions for many people is about photo printing rights. It makes sense that a bride would like to print her portraits later on, or that the mother may want to reprint photos for others who want a copy. The problem is, the photos are a creative work of the photographer and not all [...]

5 Posing Tips from an Annapolis Portrait Photographer

An Annapolis portrait photographer can do a fantastic job with your wedding photos, but you can help him or her by knowing a few poses that you’d like to incorporate in the shoot. While a good photographer will guide you, it can help you to get better shots if you do a bit of preparation prior to actually coming in for your photos or begin posing on your wedding day.[...]

Monger Family

Monger Family
Being a MD portrait photographer I often get to travel to areas I normally wouldn't travel. The Mongers live not too far from Annapolis in their beautiful home with their new baby boy. We found a few wonderful spots upstairs flooded with light in the hallways and master bedroom. Part of what makes my job so fun and challenging is discovering these little nooks in loca[...]