Meet Mitchell

M – My dog. I love him, he’s allll mine (and Dave’s).

I – Insightful. Although I never know what he is thinking. He always looks at you with deep, penetrating eyes as though he has an intense understanding of complex situations.

T – Tolerable. He’s the type of dog you can role around, squeeze as hard as you want, poke, shove and love till it hurts and he won’t do anything. Honestly, it’s kinda weird.

C – Cunning. He once single handedly escaped his locked crate. The door remained locked and untouched. We don’t know?

H – Honorable. This beagle holds an untarnished reputation for being loving, devoted and peaceful. Integrity is his middle name!

E – Expandable. He’s capable of eating large amounts in one sitting with little effect other then his enlarged stomach. Remarkable.

L -Lovable. Completely lovable.

L – Lazy. Really, really Lazy

  • dale Shaklee said:

    He is very special!

  • Rita said:

    Hi Mitchell, glad to know you =)